LED Poultry LightLT10-LP25 Product Info

Model Number: LT10-LP25
Poultry Farm IP65 Dimmable LED Tube Lights SPEC:
  • Tube: T10,  (4ft  or 5ft )
  • Rated Power: 20Watts or 25W
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Input Voltage: 110~260V AC, 32V DC, 48V DC
  • Light Source: SMD2835
  • CRI: Ra≥90 Full Spectrum
  • Luminous Flux: 21-23LM/LED
  • Light Colour: WW 2700K, WW 3000K, NW 4000K, CW 5000K, CW 6000K 
  • Lens Cover: transparent or frosted
  • Fixture: IP65 full PC pipe with aluminum heatsink
  • Dimmable: 1-100% dimming, flicker free
  • Certificate: SAA C-Tick CE RoHS FCC TUV

Poultry Farm LED Tube Light Features:

  • IP65 waterproof, dustproof
  • Dimmable with leading edge, trailing edge, universal dimmer, no flickering 
  • Full spectrum LEDs, specially designed for Layers, Breeders, Broilers, Pullets, Turkeys, Cows, Mushrooms, etc
  • Continuous usage of 5 years, no more than 0.1% defective rate
  • Sunrise, Sunset simulation, automatic control function optional 

    Why do we need to design full spectrum LEDs for all chickens?

    Why 2700K and Full spectrum is the best colour temperature for Layers, Breeders & Turkeys?
    Why 5000K and Full spectrum is the best colour temperature for Broilers?


    As chicken see more of the
     visible light spectrum than human, the poultry lighting spectrum should be different from the commercial lighting. 
    The Poultry LED Lights are composed of red, blue and green color in one light, which can help chickens grow healthy and induce feed conversion to egg production.

    -       Blue colour keep birds clam, reduces the feather pecking of chick.

    -       Red color increase food intake, enhance egg production, activates movement and accelerate sexual development.

    -       Green Color increases growth rate at an early age by enhancing proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells and increase the egg quality.

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